What is CodMACs? 

CodMACs is a open source, meta-programming python implementation. It helps you to write programs (in any language) very quickly by generating source code based on SQL tables structure. Turns a “hours taker” task into a “seconds taker” one.

First, it reads your databases in order to create a structure for you to include it into your code templates. The structure is simply a python class. Then, the CodMACs core parses your code tamplates, interprets your CodMACs/python code and creates a source code file that includes your code and the result of evaluating the code written in CodMACs/python.

The CodMACs Core

The core of CodMACs provides you with all the necessary functionalities for a complete application framework.
Is also extensible because the source code is available.

How its works? 

The main idea in CodMACs is to embed python code into your *any language* source, like in this scheme:
Having a template file (wich contains code in *any language* and CodMACs code) then, you process it and get the *any language* code, but customized with the table structure information of the table (or anything else you could generate with a python script).

As in PHP, we use a "tag like" syntax (<scr_python>) to indicate the parser that the code between the tags is CodMACs/python code and it has to be parsed.

The rest is ignored and sent directly to the output.

Project Home

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